how can I create playlist on computer?

I want to create my playlist on computer instead on the mp3 player.

how can I do that? (like New Folder. and put .mp3 song inside the folder)

You can create a playlist on your computer, however . . . you must populate it with files (songs) residing on the player, NOT the computer otherwise the path won’t be correct & you’ll end up with  an [empty] playlist.

Member DFELD2005 has posted a number of posts revelvant to this. Here is one that might help:

here is my problem. the system cannot read my chinese characters.

when I change the front to UTF-8, it only show English title song.

when I change to unicode, the whole playlist is empty.

I tried m3u8 also, but it does not work also?

How can I solve this problem?? I want to create playlist with all the songs not only the english song?

okay I solved it. i use mp3tag to create and it works ^^