Special caracters in file name


Is there a way to support file name with special characters in playlists?

I don’t get it. When navigating from the folder view I see them and can play them, the names are displaying fine

But if I include them in a playlist, they just don’t appear in it. The playlist is in UTF8, it works for all other files, but these are just skipped.

Obviously the player can support them, but not like this?

This is pretty annoying.

(And please don’t tell me I need to renamme my files, this would not be an appropriate solution).

So is there a way to support these file names in playlist?

Or actually I would prefer not having to use playlists and just select my files from the folder view, but like this they are showing in a seemingly random order and it’s impossible to play an album in order, even in the files are names 01, 02, 03, etc. Which I also don’t understand.

Thank you for your help,

What method (software) are you using to design your playlists for your Clip Sport.

To resolve the file sorting confusion using FOLDER mode, try using this app (for Win PC)

      “Fat Sorter  from HolosTec”


Thank you for your quick reply, I now understand what’s going on with the sorting and will try to figure it out because I’m running Linux and not Windows, i will see if that tool works under Wine or try it another way.

As for the playlists, I tried with Puddletag and also just creating it myself with a basic ls command which lists the files in the folder.

Is there a way to do this with a specific tool?

I am having success creating m3u playlists on my Clip Sport with music files arranged in multiple subfolders using VLC Media Player.    I have only used the version for Win-PC.  But here is a link to the VLC download page for several platforms.    


Maybe use a Linux File Explorer to create subfolders on your Clip Sport (internal memory or external card) under Music.

Then copy your selected mp3 files from your Linux PC into the various Music subfolders on your Clip Sport

Then use VLC Media Player to load the mp3 files on your player into the VLC playlist window. 

(Cannot combine internal memory and micro SD card sources in the same playlist.)

Then use "Media -> Save Playlist to file -.> Save as “abc123.m3u” and save the new playlist in any one of the Music subfolders on your player.   

Then use Music mode or Card mode on your Clip Sport to select a playlist and listen to music files across music subfolders in the internal player memory OR in the micro SD card.


I can actually create working playlists without problems, they work.

My question is about files that have special characters in their names, for instance if my folder includes on chinese song, the file has a name in chinese, I can navigate to it from the folder section, I see it and I can play it, its chinese name is displaying fine.

But, if I create a playlist for that folder, with this song and others, I will only see the songs that have ASCII only file names, the chinese song doesn’t appear in the list (but it is in the m3u file!).

So this is strange because the player can manage it, but not from within playlists.

Thank you,