play all discs in order they are loaded

:wink:I am struggling with this clip–(I’m old and retired so none of this comes natural for me  :>) )  With my old player, I could just put turn it on and have it play thru the albums in the order they were loaded.  With this 1 GB clip, I can not figure out how to do that.  I can put it on a album and it will play that album and shut off.  I can eventually figure out how to get to shuffle, and it will shufle songs from all albums loaded.  But I cant figure out how to just get it to start with one album, play thru it and go on to the next album etc etc.

Can anyone give easy-step by step directions for an old man.  Thank you

There’s actually no way to start playing an album in the middle and continuing from there right now…The only choice we have right now is to select “play all” under “albums”, and skip all the tracks until you get to the first song of the album that you want to start from. You’re struggling with it only because there’s no way to do what you want right now.

Persmiles is right, you would have to select one album after the other in order to have them play back, The player does not play one album and continue with the next album in line. Not a bad idea though.

You could add all of your albums to a playlist, and then just play the playlist.