Pictures and Video on the SD Card

I just received my e260 and an extra 2g micro sd.  I have been fooling around with all of the features and I found a problem.

The standard issue media converter doesn’t save to anything other than the mp3 player.  I tried to save them to the player  and then transfer them manually, but that didn’t work.  So, does anyone know how to save them to the card?  Is there another converter to get?

The SMC 1.1.22 detects external sd on my Fuze and allows converted files to go either to the internal memory or the external sd.

Do you have the latest SMC?

Which version of Firmware do you have?
(See the e200 series FAQ)

If you have a “version1” player, you CAN NOT play videos or pics from the MicroSD card. (Unless you install and use Rockbox. Then you don’t use SMC to convert the movies…)