Performance slow on MacBook Pro after a night in Suspend


i built in the 240GB Extreme, updated to R201 and have Benchmark Results of about 200MB/sec write and 260MB/sec read on a MacBook Pro 13" Mid 2010 (Blackmagic Disk Speed Test). Connection Speed is 3GB. A 230MB videofile can be duplicated in 1,4 seconds.

After a night in Suspend Mode it shows only 100MB read and 130MB write. Duplicate the files needs 4 Seconds. After a reboot the speed is back to 200/260. If i switch to suspend and back on it has also full speed. But on the next day it is always slow.



Go into power settings and disable drive sleep and see if that cures it.

Ok, i switched the drive sleep off. Now it will take a few days to see if that helps.


Keep us posted.

No change in this behavior. After a longer suspend period, the speed is slow.

Now I explored, that the negotiated link speed after a fresh startup is sometimes on 1,5GB and the performane of the disk is in this case the same as after suspend.