Slow boot times with macbook pro 13-inch, Early 2011

I am seeing slow boot times (power on), about 45-60 seconds, anyone seeing this behavior?  Login is fast.  Also when I run the Black Magic disk test, it shows 250MB/s writes, 478MB/s reads - I thought I should be getting 500+MB/s reads and writes


  Product:6 Series Chipset

  Link Speed:6 Gigabit

  Negotiated Link Speed:6 Gigabit

  Description:AHCI Version 1.30 Supported

  Capacity:240.06 GB (240,057,409,536 bytes)

  Model:SanDisk SDSSDX240GG25                   


  Serial Number:<deleted>

  Native Command Queuing:Yes

  Queue Depth:32

  Removable Media:No

  Detachable Drive:No

  BSD Name:disk0

  Medium Type:Solid State

  TRIM Support:Yes

  Partition Map Type:GPT (GUID Partition Table)

  S.M.A.R.T. status:Verified

How long have you been on this SSD in your machine?

I also have an early 2011 MBP 13", and I just clean installed 10.8 on my 240GB extreme last week. My boot times are just a few seconds (7?). 

black magic benchmark uses uncompressable data so you will never see the full500 using that benchmark. 

I also have a 2011 early MBP with the same controller and I am also seeing slow boot times. I don’t have many programs loading at startup, actually I’ve gone from a slower SSD to this new faster SSD and the load times are actually worse on the Sandisk Extreme then my older 2-3 yr old SSD.

Blackmagic is also reporting the same write speeds.

I’m was seeing the same thing here  on my 15" MacBook Pro Early 2011 - boot times around 50-60 seconds. 

Then I found this:

The solution: 

System Preferences - StartUp Disk - Select the disk you want. Reboot. 

Now boot time is around 15 seconds.