Late 2011 Macbook Pro 15" Write Speed Issue

Guys Im hoping you can help me with something…I just installed a SanDisk Extreme 120GB Sata3 SSD in my new macbook and its awesome except for one annoying thing.  My read speeds are consistently 500+ MBps using BlackMagic Speed test but my write speeds are down around 130MBps.  I have tried with TRIM turned on and off, even with the new firmware release for the SanDisk its not even close to the same for read/write.  

Im on OSX 10.7.4 and installed it fresh to the drive, no cloning crap.  I also verrified that the negotiated and actual link speeds to the drive are 6Gbps. 

Just trying to figure out why there is such a gap.  Thinking about returning it in favor of an OWC drive since they appear to be more Mac friendly but really dont want to go through the hassle if i dont have to.  Thoughts?

Blackmagic was updated to work with incompressible data to give a more accurate figure for speeds. This drive uses a Sandforce controller which uses compression to hit it’s max write speeds - if the data is not compressible such as in the Blackmagic test then the write speed will be a lot lower than the read speed. Granted, the speed should be higher than what you are seeing but your read speeds suggests all links are fine. I would try another couple of benchmark tools to compare.

try using xbench


how do you enable TRIM Support in MAC ?

google search MAC SSD trim enabeler. you will see many resources on the ways to enable it.