Pc not detecting sandisk 8gb pendrive on windows xp


I’ve purchased a new sandisk 8gb pendrive, when i plug it in it shows in the task bar that there is an external device inserted, but when i go to my computer i do not see the device to be deteced. I’ve tried the pendrive with laptop and it is detecting on it. When i check for the drivers in device manager I think there are drivers available, however iam not sure about the drivers. Iam able to open device manager without pluging in the pendrive but when the pendrive is inserted iam not able to open device manager :frowning:

I also noticed that the system does not respond when the driver is on, iam not even able to shut down the system after failing to open device manager.

Iam able to see sandisk device on add hardware tree however iam not able to see it on the my computer and unable to access it.

what is the problem? i feel it may be driver issue if i have to download driver then from where can i download the driver. Please help.


guys please reply some thing… iam waiting for your reply…  Iam able to plug other pendrives in my system and they are all working fine… detected… iam not understanding as to what is the problem… :frowning:

It sounds defective.  Return it, either to the seller or SanDisk.  To the seller should be quicker.