Password Protection for Sandisc wireless flash drive when useing Mac or PC ?

I have a 64gb wireless flash drive and am using ios7 on my devices. I have confiogired the drive to work with my home and work networks. My question is that when the drive is plugged in to my mac or pc it doesnt alk for a password but instantly opens the drive so all my files are avaliable.

Is there any way to password protect the drive so that if itgets lost of falls into the wrong hands the  password will need to be typed in before any data becomes avaliable ?

I have used DSansisc products beforew and there was always an option to password protect the data onec it was inserted into a mac or pc.


the password you set is for the WiFi network created by the WFD. There is no password protection for USB direct connect. 

The most important Things is you can protect The folders, not The USB. Think about it. Tks.

I understand that the Wifi is protected when using the WFD , but it seems pointless to protect the Wifi if some one can just plug the WFD into any laptop or Mac and view the folder that are contained on the drive ?.

Surely it is just as important to protect the folders when the WFD is plugged into a laptop or Mac ?.

Am I thinking straight ?

I thought the whole idea was to protect our information ?

This is not really a security product. The main use case for this product is sharing data between multiple devices. Password for the SSID is there because it is broadcasting and anyone even if they are not in close proximity to you could potentially have access to it. If you want to prevent people connecting the drive to USB the only method of protection would be to prevent access to the physical drive itself. 

Hello, has this been resolved yet? I used the standard SanDisk Vault Locker on the wireless flash drive and works fine if I insert the Wireless SanDisk in the PC, but now of course my iPad and iPhone can’t read the password protected Vault/documents! Doesn’t support that format. What now? This should be on the outside of the package – “Not able to password protect’…