Hoy do I protect folders in my wfd

I don’t know if existing a way for protect The FOLDER By password. When you share The USB, you do not want to share every Things. This is a big bug with This System. Existing a way?

This device does not ahve and data protection features at this time. it is not a bug it is just not a feature that this device currently supports. That may be added at some point in the future but currently there is no data protection feature for direct USB connection. 

Thanks. I am waiting for This. Tks again.

I know there are two ways to password protect folders on USB:
1.Password protect folder With 7-zip
2.Password protect folder by a third-part software, recommend kakasoft Folder Protector(http://www.kakasoft.com/folder-protect/).
The first way is free and seconed method is paid but simple. You can encrypt your folders at first then shared your USB.

Lock your folders and file by the help of a professional folder locker software. This tool will provides you a complete package of data security. By using this tool you can not only password protect your folder bu along with it you can also apply many other data security option to your data.