Password not working on other computers

Is anyone else having issues with passwords only working on the computer in which SecureAccess software was updated and items uploaded?  I updated several Cruzer Glide USB sticks, created the password, uploaded the files, ejected the files from my computer (using the “Safe Removal” protocol), and then reinserted the drives to make sure the password worked and files could be opened.  None of the people I sent the drive to could open the files using the password which I knew to be correct.

The only computer issue of note that I had before this last encrypted USB delivery was that I had to download several security patches due to a failed install about 3 months ago (our work systems do this automatically).  We run Windows 7 Enterprise system. Also, I did notice that the password checklist in the new software did not have “includes a symbol (# or !)” auto-checked, when the password did include a symbol.  I’ve only received one drive back, and it worked for me, so I was wondering if there was another reason it did not work for other PC based systems.