Overload, Speakers

Hi - I read somewhere on these boards about someone overloading their Fuze and then having to re-format.  Is that a common problem?  Is there something I need to do to make sure that doesn’t accidentally happen?  Also, am I right to assume that if you want speakers for the Fuze and you also want a docking station the Altec Lansing is your only option?  Thanks.

Was this the one you were talking about?  doing a search that’s about all I could find…


That suggests having 50mb of free psace just to let the Fuze run.  I’ve also ready to have 100mb of free space not used to have the unit run.  So I’ve tried to keep 100mb free.

Now for speakers you can use any with a headphone jack.  I have some cheap $20 ones from walmart that don’t even require a battery.  You don’t need a docking station with these.  They do require me to turn up my Fuze.  With my Griffin Docking station it helps with the volume being louder.