Using External Speakers with Sansa Fuze

I have a Zylux Multimedia Computer Speaker System with a powered sub-woofer. The speakers are currently plugged into my computers speaker output. It uses the same jack as the headphones that came with the fuze. Does anyone know if it is safe to plug the speakers into the Fuze using the headphone jack?

Thanks in advance!

It should be quite safe.  You’ll need to experiment with the Fuze’s volume so you don’t put too much signal into the speakers.  Probably won’t damage anything but it’ll sound like ■■■■.  Start at very low volume and turn it up slowly until you get the sound you like.

Well, I gave it a shot, and you are corrrect. It sounds great and I have control over the volume.  I like this soluton over a docking station with speakers. It will be interesting to see if the battery life says the same. I ordered a powerdock just in case… : )

Very cool, and Thanks!

Battery life should be the same as when you’re using headphones at the same volume.

My wife bought a little clock/radio that has an attachment for plugging in an MP3 player and playing it through the speakers.  I like using that when I sleep.  Your Fuze and speakers should get along fine so long as you’re not overdriving them with too much volume.

Battery should be fine.  I have cheap speakers and even in my with the cassette adaptor I have to turn my Fuze just about all the way up.  However with the powerdock I have, the speakers work much better and I don’t have to have them up as high–and I can charge or keep my Fuze charged at the same time, love that. 

Thank you both for the feedback. I have been playing it since I replied to the first message and the battery indicator hasn’t budged. Very nice.

I see I made the right decision to get the powerdock.

Thanks Again, I really appreciate the comments and I am sure there are others out there that were toying with the idea.