Overdrive Media - Rockbox compatability

Been using my 32gb microsd for music albums brought over from my CDs (and, more recently, from LPs converted to MP3) and my 8gb Clip+ internal drive mostly for library audiobooks downloaded via Overdrive Media. I have upwards of 300 music albums on the card and, except for an occasional quirk in the directory listings, all’s been well. But recently some of the new music transferred to the Clip+ fails to show up on the player. It does show in WinExplorer when the Clip+ is attached to the computer, so it is on the card but is not accessible for playing on the Clip+. (Until recently, the Clip+ had remained in its default Autodetect setting; now have switched to MSC, but that hasn’t changed anything.)

So… After retagging several of the new pieces of music several times and trying whatever else I can think of , I am now considering going to Rockbox in the hope that it will allow me to see (and play!) all the stuff that’s in Music on the card.

But I haven’t found anything on this forum (or anywhere else) about how Rockbox handles downloads to the Audiobooks directory, particularly Overdrive’s WMA files, and am thus uneasy about installing the Rockbox firmware. I’ve seen the warning in the Rockbox manual about possible permanent loss of DRM file capability – and don’t know whether or not it applies here. 

Hope the above is reasonably clear, and hope for some forum feedback on Rockbox-Overdrive compatability. Thanks.

Any sort of encrypted files will not work in anything but the official firmware. I don’t think you lose DRM access if you patch the firmware, but if you change the time or date in rockbox, you will completely screw up decryption of files in the sandisk firmware (the clock is used as part of the decryption process).