Over half the albums on my new e260 don't show up

Hi - I just bought an e260 v2.   I previously had an e250 v1 that I planned to give to my sister once I had transferred all my music and podcasts.

I have transferred a whole pile of albums by 8 artists, together with some podcasts, from the e250, and only 3 of the artists (plus all the podcasts) show up on the e260.  The missing music doesn’t show up in Albums, Genres or Songs either.  

I know they’re there, because I can see all the files when I look at the Sansa e260\Music folder in Windows Explorer.

Everything has proper ID tags - on the e250 I can see all my music - Artists, Albums, Genres and Songs.

I deleted everything, upgraded the firmware, and copied all the files back on to the e260, but exactly the same thing has happened.

I hope someone can help as it’s very annoying.


OK - I’ve solved my own problem. :smiley:

After looking around these forums, and the Anything But iPod one, I figured it might have something to do with the USB mode.   By default it had been in MTP, but the e250 was in MSC.

So I deleted everything from the e260, put it in MSC mode, and copied all the songs/podcasts back again.

When I turned it back on, everything was showing up.

Very happy now.

However, I still can’t figure out why - in MTP mode - some songs showed up, but more than half didnt.   I just can’t see the logic and that’s frustrating.

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