Organizing music files

When I plug my sansa into my computer I just drag and drop or cut and paste my music files from my hard drive to the sansa. On my computer ther folders with the files in them and I drag the folder over to the sansa. But they are spread all over the sansa - most are in a file called unknown and the separate music files are in there. How can I move the music files into albums on my sansa so I can easily find them!! Thanks in advance

The problem is that your music is not properly tagged. Sandisk players sort music by tags. The Sandisk players use ID3v2.3 ISO8859-1 tags.

is a free program which makes it easy to edit the tags.

Note that you still can navigate amongst your untagged files by choosing the Folders option under the Music selection.  But still best to get your files appropriately tagged, as noted above.