organize folders on microSD card

how do you organize the sub folders in a folder in a particular order? like a playlist for folders within a folder.

Maybe take a look at this series of messages from a few years ago.

Are you organizing folders (with subfolders) on your Clip Sport (or in the micro SD card)?
Then maybe try this Playlist idea and see if you can make it work for your needs.
Create a “Music-1” Folder inside the Music Folder. The Music-1 Folder can have many other subfolders inside. (I am using “Music-1” as a simple example name here.)

Use Windows Notepad to create this 1-line text file (as Music.bat) inside the Music-1 Folder.
dir /o:n /s /b *.mp3 *.wma *.wav> Music.m3u

Use Windows File Explorer to double-click on the Music.bat file.
Then change the name of the new Music.m3u file to the name of your current Music Folder (such as Music-1.m3u). You can copy this bat file into many other music file folders within your Main memory card and micro SD card. Each m3u file must have a unique file name.

Use Music play mode or Card play mode to select your new Playlist. (Folder mode does not use Playlists.)