[GUIDE] How to organize your 2000+ song library

Hey guys, I’m jvktr and I’m going to teach you in this thread very simple topics about how to organize your folders to have a decent player that supports more than 2000 songs.

What you need to know first is you can’t use more than 2000 songs in the Card context menu since the last firmware update. So we need to adjust the folders in our card to use the Folder menu in order to access a larger number of songs.

1) Copy the songs you want to your Clip Sport.

I don’t think I have to explain this, if you have any doubt just post here.

2) Rename folders to what kind of organization you want to use.

If you want to sort by genre, artist, album, etc. you need to create a directory that leads properly to it. It’s very basic. If you’ve already done this, skip to step two.

You can sort your folders by artist inside the x:/Music like this: _x:/Music/Artist One, x:/Music/Artist Two, _and so on.

Or you could sort by genre, like this: x:/Music/Death Metal/Artist or Album, x:/Music/New Wave/Artist or Album .

The same would apply to albums: x:/Music/Album One, x:/Music/Album Two.

If you want to have both, you could make a /Artists/ folder, a /Genres/ folder and a /Albums/ folder, for example. You would have to have two copies of each song though, unless someone finds a way to create shortcuts, which I think probably won’t happen (if you find out, share with us!).

Yes, this _is _a lot of work, but at least you’ll manage to keep your large music library inside your Clip Sport without much trouble.

3) Download FatSorter.

FatSorter is a program that will help us sort our folders alphabetically (because the FAT system kind of randomize the arrange). I haven’t had problems with the software, and it is virus free. If you find an alternative software you prefer, the process is the same.

You can download the program here.

4) Use FatSorter to sort your files.

Now you’ll use the software you just downloaded. The process is really simple. First you need to open the program by executing the .exe file that was installed to your computer. The interface will now show up. Click the _Browse… _button and choose the location of your x:/Music folder. Hit the _Sort _button, and the program will take a few seconds or minutes to complete the arrangement.

5) Done!

Your Clip Sport music folders are now properly arranged and organized. :smileyvery-happy:

If anyone has an addition you’d like to make to the small tutorial, just reply to this thread.

Fatsorter–I have’t used it, but an interesting solution to the sort issue. 

FatSorter–I have’t used it, but an interesting solution to the sort issue.  Thanks for posting!

You’re welcome! I found it recently, and it helped me a lot too.

Of use for handling yet another of the Sport’s idiosyncrasies/deficiencies, the FAT table’s sorting by add date/time.

Wow this is primative but great - I’ll take it.

Tried it once and it seems to work.

on a Mac use FATsort (it is a terminal executable - so you will need to use the terminal)

This page explains how to use it. (see first post on the page)


If you move the fatsort executable to /usr/local/bin/fatsort you will only have to run 

fatsort /dev/<devicename>

to re-sort the internal or external microSD

the devicename would be the mountpoint of your Sports internal or external disk.

to manually find your device name run OS X diskutillity and select your micro SD disk from the list and then get The “I” (info) on the menu bar.  It will give you the mount point.

Someone (SanDisk?) could write an Apple Script that finds your Sports device names and then does the FATsort with one click.

Hey there,

Thank you for the information.

Is it possible to use the shuffle mode within 2000+ files if I apply such a file organization?

does this still exist? the site nolonger has any content it seems very very sketch.

In addition to my last comment it also only kinda organized it. I use the folder area to access my music. It put a song named Pizzaz after a song that starts with yung so its kinda weird.

Here is a working link to the PC solftware FatSorter 1.0.4


This software will re-organize all the folders and files on an external drive.  (Will not work with Mac computers.)

  Then you could use Folder Mode on your Clip Sport (and Clip Jam) to find your files properly sorted.

     You may decide to use the FatSorter software after every music management session with your Clip Sport ??

You do not need to think about FatSorter if you have less than 2000 music files and your ID3 tags are curated sufficiently to take advantage of Music Mode. 

     OR, maybe you want to get really “wild and crazy” and read about Firmware 1.28 ??