Card > Album playback mode sorting?

I’ve been trying to get to grips with the differences between the Clip Sport and my previous Sansa Clip+ player. I’m disappointed as are many others that Sandisk has seen fit to release a device with high-capacity expansion cart support and the internal database limitation of 2000 tracks - this makes it largely pointless to try and use the device with a 16GB or larger SDHC/SDXC card, a fact that I would have appreciated being noted on the product’s technical specifications page since it is a significant change to previous Sandisk players.

When using the various playback options available under “Card”, the sorting does not sort by the chosen attribute - for example, selecting Card > Albums > Shuffle, the tracks are not sorted by album title. I’ve not been able to figure out exactly what sorting logic is being used in any of these views. I’ve been used to using the Album > Play All option in my Clip+ and was expecting this to behave in the same way.

I have tried to get around this by creating playlists, but while I can get the playlists sorted as I would like I can’t even get 2000 tracks to show, much less more tracks than that (at last count I have ~2200 tracks on the SDHC card I’ve been using for the last year for music on the go).

I’d be grateful for any insight anyone can offer into how the Card > [subfolder] track sorting methods order the songs for playback, because it looks to me like it’s either deliberate and obscure or accidental and possibly a bug, and if it’s a bug I’d like to report it.

I’d also be grateful for any advice on whether playlists can be used to work around the 2000 song database limit, and if so how to go about doing so.