One of the best players for audiophiles

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Like the Insignia Pilot, we were not expecting much from the Sansa Clip. Why on earth would SanDisk pack one of their best sound chips into an MP3 player costing less than $50? The Clip’s -1.36dB frequency response deviation average is slightly better than the iPod Classic, and a closer inspection of the graph reveals absolutely no frequency dips between the audible range of 20Hz-22kHz. A total harmonic distortion score of -65.25dB and an SNR of -84.78dB makes the Clip a top pick for budget audiophiles who have already put themselves in debt with their $500 headphones.

Well, as we all know, cnet’s testing methodology is flawed and their reviews are very amateurish, but at least this time they reached the right conclusion. :wink: