Old Firmware Links

Hate to be a bother but my parents bought on ebay themselves refubed Fuzes, one for mom and one for my 6 year old sister.  Right now they both are at v1.22.01. Any ideas on links to prior firmware links.  I’m doing the updating because my parents are not tech savy…

Is there some reason you don’t want the most recent firmware? If not, you can update directly to the “latest and greatest” from the firmware update topic in the “sticky” section (so named because those topics are “stuck” to the top of the list. they don’t move) at the top of the topic list. You don’t have to install all the intermediate firmwares first.

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Because last year when I was updating my dad’s, I killed the Fuze and had to buy him a new one.  I just want to upgrade slowly. Call me cautious.

Oh, you definitely should go straight to the latest firmware.  It works beautifully, and has the least buggy performance.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: