Possible to roll back to previous Firmware?

Does anybody know if it is possible to roll back to a previous firmware on the fuze?

I’d like to try the new firmware, but in light of some of the bug issues I’m reading about

on here I’m afraid to unless there is a way to go back.  Can anybody confirm if it is indeed

possible to roll back?  Thanks.

You could download the old firmware and follow the instructions for installation.

I did this just in case but I haven’t attempted a rollback by actually installing it.

Version 01.01.15 is definitely better than 01.01.11

Yeah, I think it’s no problem to install any version you want as long as you have the binaries.

However, I agree 15 is much better than 11, despite a couple hiccups.  You should definitely upgrade.

where can i download older firmware version?

You can download previous versions here.  It’ll have to be done manually.  There’ll be instructions there on how to do that.

firmware version 01.01.11

firmware version 01.01.15

These are for fuzes with version 1.  You can look in system settings > info on your player, to see whether your fuze is version 1 or version 2.  If you try to install the wrong version, the fuze will just ignore it and make no changes.