before updating to the newest v02x firmware...

…is there somewhere i can get v02.01.09a, just in case i want to down-level?


From what I know is there is none of the version you’re looking for. 02.01.17 is the lastest firmware.

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thanks for the reply.

09 is what’s on my 8gb fuze right now, straight out of the box.

i was just hoping to have a backup copy i could revert to if i had trouble with 17.

Are you serio?   .17 is the only V2 on the sansa forum… mmmmmm…

The original firmware for most players is usually not available for download. Only updates after the original. You can try contacting Sandisk Support and see if they will Email it to you. Explain to them that you want to try the newer firmware, but would like to go back to the original if you don’t like the updated one.

Well, if you email them, then they gonna sent the firmware to you, then everyone’s gonna do that. They not going to spend time to sent it to every single one, they can just post it on the forum for people to download it.  I don’t think that will work.

They dont post origional firmwares because it would cause mass confusion and it would be of little use. A few people would use it but not nearly enough to justify posting it.