Does this player support the open-source OGG VORBIS format?  I have all my music
in this format and will only purchase if it’s supported.

It doesn’t support OGG.   I think it only supports mp3, wma & wav but I might be wrong.

I figured as much just wanted verification.  Come to think of it though, after reading all the negative posts about problems and no continued support on the product I don’t think I would be interested anyways.  This is a continuing problem with most manufacturers though.  Put out a buggy product, take the money and run to sell the next product.  It’s a shame but it seems to be the trend in the world of technology lately.

Anyways thank you for answering my question.


Sansa Express only supports mp3, wma, and wav. You can convert Ogg Vorbis to mp3 or wma before sync to Sansa Express.

good luck

That’s crazy, I have over 50GB of ogg vorbis files, I’m not converting anything. The format doesn’t cost you, just **bleep**ing support it already!

The express doesn’t support Ogg, nor is it likely to be added.  The last firmware update fixed some bugs, but it is likely to be the last for it.

The Clip and Fuze support Ogg and FLAC.   Both are also developing lines, with continued firmware upgrades and new units in their product line.  The sound quality is also excellent, especially for the money.

I still use my express sometimes despite its quirks.  It isn’t horrible, and the last firmware eliminated some annoyances, but it isn’t as good as many alternatives.