OGG Vorbis -- M3U -- and Track Position

I’ve been owner of 3 different Sandisk players so far, and there are a few things I really miss in this wonderful devices:

1- Support for the OGG Vorbis music format. OGG is an Open Source Codec, so no rights to buy. This would defenetly attract a whole market, as is the Open Source Community. I know lots of people who worship open source, and would buy this products if they supported OGG. Also, for audiophiles, like me, OGG providess beter sound quality over bitrates compared to MP3. A 96kbps OGG still delivers delightful crystal clear sound, which means more space in the device, and more songs per load.

2- Support for M3U files. This is the simplest way to create playlists, and would be a great feature to have. Or at least think of a way with Sansa software to create custom playlists (like iTunes does) to use the player while jogging, or any kind of activities without having to “manipulate” the device. That also helps to save battery life because you don’t use the screen.

3- I have several large songs, from concerts, operas and else, that last 15+ minutes, up to 70 minutes. When listening to them, if I have to turn off the device or stop playing, it returns to the beginning of the song, which is really anoying.

I hope you people really read this suggestions and consider them seriously. Also, I’d like other people in this forum to support this petition.


What player do you do you have?

Currently have an e140 (1GB Internal +2GB SD Card).

Previously owned a classig Silver 1GB MP3 Player and an M240, but moved to expandability 2 years ago.

My e140 still works just great, but I’m planning to move to a newer model, still trying to decide which one’s right for me. I’m not much into photos or videos, but capacity. Actually I’d love if Sandisk would ever launch a 40GB+ capacity palyer, but I guess that isn’t still likely, since all Sansa players are Flash Memory based.

You can look at the e200 series then install Rockbox to play OGG.

What is Rockbox? (sorry about the ignorance).

Is this a kind of new firmware or firmware mod?

www.rockbox.org ; check them out, read the manuals.