Not all files are showing up

Is there a maximum number of files and folders that the Clip Zip can handle?

I have 7920 files and 54 folders. All are under “MUSIC” on the external microSD card, one folder deep. There are 55 playlists.

I have only 48 playlists showing up. I can’t access anything under folders, albums, etc., only playlists.

Does that sound like a familiar problem to anyone?

I’m not sure if there are too many files, or if there are perhaps one or more files somewhere that are glitching things up. It’s also a 64gb microSD card, formatted as FAT32… not sure if that could be what’s doing it.

Using latest firmware update (01.01.21).

The ‘official’ database limit is 8000 tracks/songs/files. But this is just a general number and can be influenced greatly by many things, including (but not limited to) title length, folder/file hierarchy, embedded album art and size of same, extraneous or unused information contained in the ID3 tags (Comments, Album Artist) etc.

Many people have reported encountering problems at, or around the 5,000 track mark in real life.

It looks like I got everything to work by using only 12 folders. I did folder 001, 002, --> 012, then divided all mp3’s to ~600-900 files in each folder. This seems to make everything work fine, although it takes about four hours to refresh the media list. :stuck_out_tongue:

So, I’m not sure why I got a limit of 48 folders… either there is a 48 folder limit, or, something about one of those 48 folders glitched, or, 48 folders combined with all the specific files I had caused the glitch.

The really weird thing is most of these files are audiobooks, but, many of the books’ tracks all appear out of order when going in to the “Audiobooks” section of the Clip Zip. (This isn’t the case with all of the audiobooks.) But, this is solved by using Playlists in music. It just doesn’t seem very intuitive though to go into “Music” for audiobooks. But then again, it never was very intuitive that the button you click to shut down Windows is labeled “Start”. :stuck_out_tongue: