Not Able to Download Software Update

Hi All…I just purchased 2 SanDisk Clip Sport Plus MP3. These are gifts for friends and I’m setting these up for them. I’ve tried numerous times to download the most current software to each player (upgrade.hex). I’ve also reset the factory settings a few times. The most current version of the software is not downloading to each of the MP3s. The version I have each player is 1.01.B, the version on the site is stating it should be 1.01 OR 1.01.E. Anyone else having issues or have recommendations?

Hi @Shelbey68,

Thanks for reporting the issue. Have you opened a Support Case? If not please click here and open a new support case to assist in the best possible way.

Yes, a support case is open, and I am now working with SanDisk to resolve the issue.


Donald Helsel

Yes, it’s an unpleasant situation. Were you able to solve the problem with version mismatch? If it were possible to install to the players a software testing tool like ZapTest, which I use to work on different IT platforms so that players with different versions could work with all the software of this model. My brother has a player from the SanDisk series. He has complaints about how the equalizer works. He is advised to install Rockbox because it provides a lot of sound adjustments that are not in the official firmware. In general, the technique is not bad. I had one myself in 2008, then gave it to my daughter.