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even the pre-installed songs are not detected in the “music” selector. what’s the problem ?

I  can play music only by the folder selection.


are the songs you are referring to on a card? if so the database for external memory is not merged with the internal memory database. you can select music stored on the external memory from the card menu selection. 

In fact I am wondering why I don’t see any songs at all even the ones in the  internal  memory…it’s a brand new device just out of the box.

interesting, so when you go to the menu under music does it display no files? have you tried copying the files off the player formatting and adding them back to force it to reload the database?

And just to cover the basics:  when you received the Sport, you peeled off the screen protector that was placed over the display, right?  (This happens.)  

hahaha…ok ! be serious :wink: of course !

by the way formating internal memory was the solution for internal mp3: now it’s ok BUT for external disk it doesn’t change anything : i steel can’t see mp3 on the music menu only browsing to the sd menu.

My external disk is a 32go sanddisk.