no sound from Sansa Express radio

I was in the middle of listening to the radio on a Sansa Express 1GB player and when I tried to change to another pre-set all of a sudden there was no sound coming from the player.  I switched to Music and that played well.

Has anyone else encountered this problem before?  How can I fix it without having to send it back to the company?

Another thing: the big square button is not responding well to presses when the player is in the radio mode.  Not sure if that is related to the radio problem itself.

The Radio might be on mute, try to go back to radio and press the up buttton to play.:wink:

I did try the up button but that didn’t work.  However, your comment prompted me to press some other buttons and finally I realized that the play button actually does control the mute/unmute functionality.  Thanks, keberloo.

Im glad it works and enjoy listening to your player as many do. :wink: