Sansa Express Menu issues

Received a Sansa Express 1GB yesterday and updated it to latest firmware: 01.01.05a.  Downloaded MP3s from Windows Media Player in Win XP SP2.  No issues at all.

However, could not find top menus for Radio or Settings.  Then I accidently depressed Up instead of Down trying to change the menus and all four menus (Music, Voice, Radio and Settings) flew past.  After several tries to stop on the right top menu, I landed on Radio and the FM played , also Settings were accessible.

But there was no option to record from FM or any preset function.  Also the Menu button would only get me to Radio/Settings.  To get back to Music or Voice, I had to land on them using the Up button and then I, once again, can only access the Music and Voice menus.

Not exactly as described in the manual, huh?  Anyone have any ideas to resolve this?