no ios or and rio androd, windows only so what app?

Somwhat confused, as we do not use ios or android and cvertainly don’t have or want to have a google account.  So how do we get this stick to connect to intel/ windows devices> 

the instructions only seem to provide apps for ios/androad, but I se ethat there maybe an app on Amazon.  Anyone provide more clarity on this, please?

there is no app for windows. To connect to a windows machine you can plug in directly to a USB port or you can use a limited function web browser access. 

here is a kb article 

This info is also in the user manual. 

Thank you very much for providing the info. 

As an initiate, I do find it all rather counter-intuitive.

Incidentally when initially I entered SanDisk Connect ###### into the browser URL, all I got was a general page from the internet about sandisk.

Have I done this correctly?  I clicked on the Windows  task bar wireless icon amd could see the sandisk network.  I attached to that which then disconnected the internet.  Secondly i entered into the browser so was able to connect to the sandisk.but again was only able to connect to the interent, by reselecting the router wireless connection which then disconnected the sandisk.  What have I done wrong?

If this is in fact how it works, it does not seem realistic to have to doconnect to networks to be able to use the sandisk wireless capability, - I assume I must be doing something wrong?

yes that is how it works. the wireless stick does not support connect to the stick and the Internet at the same time on a computer. The webbrowser access is quite limited in functionality. One of this limitations is that you cannot be connected to the Internet and the stick at the same time on a computer wirelessly. You can always connect directly to the computer via usb and not affect the Internet connection. 

Thank you sir - pity rather a waste of money then.