Connect from PC to wireless stick

I have my wireless stick working perfectly on my iPhone and iPad. But I can’t seem to connect from my pc in the way suggested n the manual. When I go to connect. I get a webpage that suggests that it is not turned on. However I know it is . I can connect using the IP address as reported on my iPhone. But I cannot connect using the URLs.

Is there something I am doing wrong?

you cannot have an Internet connection on the PC and connect to the wireless stick. If you see a page telling you to turn it on and connect you have Internet connection as this is a webpage. 

You will need to connect to the wireless stick network. If there is an Ethernet connection it will need to be disabled ur unplugged. 

Sorry , I think you  misunderstand what I am askingp. I just have the wireless stick turned on but not plug into the usb on  anything.

I can access by typing its IP address into my browser on my pc but I cannot access it I just type the URL that is stated in the instructions.

again this means you have an Internet connection present on the pc. this is why the /myconnect url is resolving to the not connected page. If you can still get to it using the IP you can use that using the ULR requires that there is no Internet connection present on the PC. 

@drlucky wrote:

again this means you have an Internet connection present on the pc. this is why the /myconnect url is resolving to the not connected page. If you can still get to it using the IP you can use that using the ULR requires that there is no Internet connection present on the PC. 

OK I see this now makes sense - thanks

Thank you for the above posts. Bring clarity regarding the usage. 

My Sandisk Wireless 32GB connect well with my Phone, my PC, and my TV for watching movies wirelessly. Here is the setup i currently use- 

  • Sandisk Connect to my existing Wifi Network. 
  • I use Phone App (Android) to access file on Phone or on TV. 
  • I’ve to use standalone connection with PC for accessing data wirelessly on my PC in case of which I cannot access my Internet. Secondly i simply plug in to my system in case of which i cannot use the stick wirelessly for my phone.

I was trying to figure out a way to resolve following issue or rather my requirement for more efficient use of My Sandisk Wireless Connect Drive. 

  1. When I connect my Sandisk Drive to Wifi network, I can access data on my phone through Android App. However, I cannot connect my PC to access data on the wireless drive. Obviously, im connected to internet and www.sandisk/myconnect wont recognize the wireless drive.  Here i saw that my existing Wifi Network allocates a IP Address to Wireless Drive. When I try accessing the IP Address allocated to Wireless Drive. ie. 192.169.xx.xx it routes to " 192.169.xx.xx/myconnect". Here it asks of “User ID & Password” to access the Myconnect page. Have tried multiple combination but failed. 
    Benefits: - I could access my wireless drive streamlessly on my Phone & my PC wirelesslely alongwith access to internet.  
  2. If the above scenario is successfuly, i would wish to add the wireless drive as wireless network drive on my PC (which i have been successful to do so when connecting standalone to PC) so i could seamlessly work on all my data on Sandisk Wireless drive. Let us say accessing excel spread sheet file on PC from wireless disk and working on it and saving it back on wireless disk. 

Would extremely appreciate your valuable view on above. 

Thank & Regards, 

Rohan Rane.

Alright here’s is the possible solution. 

  1. Reset the Sandisk Wireless Connect Drive. 
  2. Do not add the password to the Wifi Network. 
  3. Reset.JPG
  4. Default UserId is " owner" for accessing the drive through browser. 
  5. Connect the Drive to your existing Wifi Network. 
  6. Wifi Connect.JPG
  7. Locate the IP and reserve the same on the Wifi Admin Console.  IP Address.JPG
  8. You can Access the Data wirelessly on Phone. :heart:
  9. You can Access the Data wirelessly on PC through Webrowser :heart: Browser Connect.JPG
  10. You can add the same IP as network Drive in MY PC & Access the Drive as Normal Windows Folder.  
    FldConnect1.JPG FldConnect2.JPG

Thanks & Regards, 

Rohan Rane

The instructions posted in the previous message make NO sense to someone new to the SanDisk product line.  “Connect to the SanDisk network…”  With WHAT?  The app or the PC?  Connect to the local wireless network?  With what?  The PC or the App.  PLEASE… SOMEONE WRITE SOMETHING with some CLARITY.  Thank you!

Al buscar la IP, solicita un usuario y una contraseña ¿De dónde obtengo esa información? qué es lo que está mal


To ensure that it’s fully charged. A full charge can take up to 2 hours. The device cannot be connected using a USB cable. Plug your Wireless Stick into a computer USB port or a USB AC adaptor* to charge it.

 You can Access the Data wirelessly on Phone 

Connecting PC to Wireless Stick is easy:

Oscars portal

Also check your computer is not set with a fixed IP! That was my problem.

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To access the USB from PC over Wi-Fi:

  1. Make sure that your USB Flash drive is connected to your local/home Wi-Fi network.

  2. Get your USB Flash drive current IP address (either from your router DHCP client list or using USB mobile app, about tab)

  3. Enter in your web browser in the address bar http://X.X.X.X/files, where X.X.X.X is your flash drive IP.

  4. Browser will require a username and password (Trick is here) Username is defualt by SanDisk ( owner ) while password is your flash drive Wi-Fi password, IF you set a Wi-Fi password to your USB Flash drive then the password to http will be your Wi-Fi password , If you did not set a Wi-Fi password leave it blank.

Thats it! Cheers, Enjoy…

Note: Files access is limited via HTTP only, You cannot add the device to be accessed wirelessly through windows explorer as a network or mapped network drive.

 If there is an Ethernet connection it will need to be disabled or unplugged. :neutral_face:

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Thank you for your sharing. This method work successfully. But I have another question about upload the files. When I drag the files to the folder which shown the box of “can’t find this item” After refresh the folder, the file is already in and the size is 0Kb. Do anyone have recommend to solve this problem? Thanks

Hi Rohan,

I have 32 GB one. It is FAT32.

On my laptop, connected to my own wifi (not sandisk wifi)

* I’m able to access files on browser like this I can also do everything (add files, delete, etc). Everything good here.

* I’m also able to access it by UNC like this \\myconnect on windows explorer. I’m able to delete but I"m not able to copy/add/edit files to it. I get “The parameter is incorrect” error. Do you have a solution to this issue?