Trying to connect to my PC wirelessly.

I recently purchased a SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick. Firstly, can someone tell me where I find the Unique Identifier as I have mislaid the documentation which arrived with the unit? Secondly, can someone tell me how to read the files on the stick wirelessly without putting the stick into the USB port? I am not very computer literate and would appreciate step-by-step instructions if possible.

the default name of the Wireless stick’s wifi network will be SanDisk Connect ###### (the ##### is the unique identifier) If you are in your house it should be the only sandisk connect wireless name so it shouldbe easy to find. You will need to be connected to the wireless stick network only without internet connection in order for this to work. 

Here is some info that may help

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Can someone tell me where I find the Unique Identifier, as the number that shows up still doesnt work ?