NO Display or display barely visible - SansaClip 4GB


My Sansa Clip 4GB player, bought brand new at BestBuy 3 weeks ago is not working properly. The player works ok to play songs, keys and commands are also ok and the key’s backlight’s also working. BUT… the main display does not lights. Since 3 days ago, the display is not visible and sometimes is barely visible, with very weak and low light intensity.

I’m looking forward for solutions. Tried to charge it on my computer but didn’t worked out.

I’m in Brazil and looking for any Sansa’s authorized support and maintenance, since the phone shown at Sandisk Support for Brazil does not replies.

Just to be sure:  make sure that the display brightness setting under the Clip’s Settings is all the way up, and somehow wasn’t set too low.

Brightness was already on maximum and (hardly) re-checked after your answer. No changes and the trouble continues. Also noted device a little bit warm when recharging. Thanks for replying but there’s actually a malfunction.

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This does sound like a malfunction of some sort. I have a silver model, which - when compared to my previous black one - has a dimmer light, but I can still see what’s on display just fine and the brightness is on half… I recall there was a way to hard-reset the device or something, but I don’t remember it unfortunately, nor am I sure it will help you…

As for the battery - it’s normal for them to get warm when being charged, especially if they’re very low. I’ve experienced that on many electronic devices, including the clip. Of course, if it’s more “blazing hot” than just warm, then I’d unplug it and let it cool down for a while before continuing the charge. LiIon batteries don’t like high temperatures, but this doesn’t necessarily mean there is a problem with the battery, though.