No album or pictures

This is more of a curiosity than a problem.  I just synced my E250R with Windows Media Player (WMP).  The songs all play fine, but I noticed on some of them (not all) the album is set to unknown, and there is no album cover.  I went back into WMP and verified that the album name and album cover were in the tag for those songs.  Does anyone know why this is happening?

Could be a few things, but all tag-related. I’d recommend downloading MP3TAG, a dedicated tag-editor, so you can really see (and correct) what’s going on with those tags.

Check the Comments field; I’ve seen anything from webiste addresses (from on-lines sites where you download music) to full-blown multi-paragraph album reviews stuck in there. If you find anything in there, delete it. Or, there’s a <blank> option in the drop-down box in MP3Tag.

Strange or foreign characters are another thing to look for in the ID3 tags. As well as the tag format itself. Set the default (in Tools) to write ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1 format. Sansa players are very picky when it comes to tags. If they can’t read it (for whatever reason), they’ll categorize that track as ‘Unknown’.

Ok Im New Here,And I Don’t Know Much About Other Topics but Ive Been Using Windows Media Player 11 and its been working well so far… just find the album art or cover of the desired song you want,copy music in the computer,when wmp11 is on oyur screen there is a square figure where the album should go. (REMINDER)All Album Art Must be a JPEG and 200X200)Drag And Drop The Jpeg of the Album And Simply Place It on that square where the album goes…Sync The Music and The Album Cover Should be On the Screen Of a Sandisk E200 Series…Hope This Helps:smileyvery-happy: