Sansa e200 Album Art Missing

I have  a Sansa e200 MP3 from '06. When I look at the mp3 song information on the wmp (I’m not sure which version of wmp I have) it shows all of the information i.e. - album art, song title, album name, singer, genre, etc. Everything is fine.

However, after I unplug it from my computer and turn it on, half of the album art is gone. I’ve tried resetting it and putting all of the songs on it again (twice), but it did nothing. Also, between the first time I added some songs and removed them, I’d changed the album art  on my wmp. When I reposted them on the mp3, some of those songs had the newer art, while some still had the same album art that was there from the first sync!

Should I try resetting it again, or should I just give up.

Try the steps indicated in either #3 or #4 (depending on whether you’re using MTP or MSC Mode) here.