Yes or No?

Not needed, plenty of non-drive specific ways of secure erasing a drive.

Just make it work right for updating firmware!!

yes bad_machine,great suggestion.

the more features and functions in the toolbox the better the toolbox.

noone will twist your arm to use them.

parted magic will always have a place in my arsenal of tools

Of course, more features in the toolbox would never hurt.

But if it is a choice between toolbox functions, and having a well tested and smooth drive and firmware upgrade, I’d choose the resources to be spent on making sure the drive is top notch.

Hey Smog, good to see you here! 

Hi canthearu, I agree that more resources should be spent into improving the firmware.  The current implementation of TRIM and GC is far from optimal.

It wouldn’t cost them a lot of money and manhours however, to add a little option for secure erasing to the toolbox. I use a Parted Magic bootable stick for this purpose, but I would prefer to be able to do it in Windows using SanDisk’s own software.  This would save a lot of time when benchmarking an SSD that is plugged in as a secondary (non-Windows) drive, as it would allow repeated secure-erases in between benchmarks without having to reboot into Parted Magic every single time.