I need help secure erase data on my sandisk extreme ssd

Secure erase an ssd, sound pretty easy right, not in my case, i have 2 240gb Sandisk extreme ssd run in raid 1 at my boot drive.

Last week, i notice some thing unsually happen with my pc(gaming mouse are not very respondsive, ocasionally i got kick out of the game sever and window wasn’t update propertly) so i think i got a virus or malware in my pc.

So, it time to SE both my ssd and do a re install of W7

At first, i try the easy way(using diskpart tool) but it doesn’t work.

So itry using parted magic, witch alway work with my other ssd(samsung 840, intel 520)

When i try to SE my Sandisk estreme using the secure erase option in parted magic, my ssd were in a frozen state so i have to put my pc to sleep then wake up the pc so the ssd will become “un frozen” and i can start to do a normal SE

But my pc won’t go to sleep so i can’t SE.

Are there any other way to secure erase data on my Sandisk extreme ssd, any help is appericiated 

One more thing i forgot to mention is HDDerase doe not work because HDDerase only work with 32bit window, my is window 7 64bit.

when using parted magic are you creating the bootable media? 

You might want to try the tutorial below in reformatting your SSD. I hope this helps. 


In you have yet to find a way to SE using PartedMagic [PM] because of the “Sleep” issue, try the following:

Once you’d booted into PM and went onto Internal Tools > Erase Disc

do not go headlong into the option whereby PM offers you the opportunity to “Sleep” if only because your PC’s sleep capability is different to what PM is expecting/demanding. IE where your PC goes into some frenzy of a sleep because PM had tickled its fancy.

Just get into the window/option which highlights your SSD for ticking/checking - but do not tick/check that option. Just opt out of SE and back to PM desktop and turn/disconnect OFF and then ON your SSD - via, at worst, disconnecting and then re-connecting the SSD signal/SATA cable - with the PC/PM running.

Now go back and select PM’s Secure Erase again [make sure you’d selected the “Secure Erase” option and not the other 4 options] and PM will not only see your SSD but will allow you to proceed to securely erasing your SSD without any attempt to “Sleep” with your PC again.