Nice to have option SecureErase button in ToolBox

OCZ and Intel SSD toolboxes has the $subj.

Maybe it is worth to implement it on Sandisk’s toolbox either…

Or maybe someone more technicaly savvy can explain why it is not presented in current version of toolbox…

I’m not entirely sure on what you meant here. But where do you want the option SecureErase to be? 

Truly speaking its a matter of devs fantasy :slight_smile: more important its ( such option) existence. It can be either on first tab (under drive info) or it can be another new tab…

Say what you will about OCZ, but the secure erase (SE) option in their SSD Toolbox is the easiest one to use of ANY of the various SE tools available.

Regarding the SanDisk SSD Toolbox, besides the firmware update tool, which is one of the best available, it is otherwise very simple and of little value IMO. An SE feature would be a welcome addition.

Why an SE feature is not available in the SanDisk Toolbox… who knows? I must say that the Intel and Samsung SE features in Windows do not work with Windows 8. Samsung does supply a feature that creates a bootable USB flash drive or optical disk that is then used to SE their SSDs, for use with Windows 8 and other OSs.

The OCZ SE feature is so straightforward and simple compared to any of the others, why that is becomes the question. Are they ignoring standards or cutting corners somehow? All of this remains a mystery to me.