new user questions


I am new to this board and new to the mp3 world.  So here are a few dumb questions!

  1. how do I keep the device on but not play or put on pause any songs?

  2. I bought a recharger (silly me, I thought it would come with it) - T-MO-V3-LH travel charger from…says it is sansa ready.  When I try the wall recharger, the messages dont say its connected like it does to the USB port.  Rather, it continually plays songs while the battery is flashing.  How do I stop it from playing on the recharger?


Pause is the same thing as stop on the player. Just pause it. You can play the player while it is connected to an AC charger. It only says connected when it is hooked up to a pc. The player can’t be used then.

Trying to load book from CD to my new Sansa Clip. 1. CD to Computer OK 2. Computer to Clip OK

  1. File is on player by itself also under Library and Music – can’t get it to play. Need Help.