How to play while charging?

Is there a way to play songs while the Clip is connected and being charged to a computer?  Seems like everytime I plug it in, it just reverts to the screen displaying “connected” and none of the buttons function.  Same thing when tried on a PC also and a DVD player with a USB drive.

Any help is appreciated, Thanks. 

Nope–that generally is what happens when you plug it into your computer.  You can play when attached directly to AC, though (that is, not through your computer–chargers are relatively inexpensive; try a search here).  You also can play when hooked up to your computer, I believe, if the data line is not present (or is blocked) in the USB cable. 

Is there a way to play music on the Sansa through Windows Media Player?  I have all my music in the music folder but my only option in Windows Media Player seems to be to add more music, it doesn’t show the music that is already on it.