Playback while charging?

Nice little device! Just curious, is it possible to playback while charging? I just updated to latest firmware: 1.01.29.

Yes, if:  you are charging from AC (not your computer); or you are using a power only (i.e. no data) USB cable with your computer (some have reported that if you push a “full/regular” USB cable into your computer only partway, you can get this effect). 

Ok, sorry for not researching more on my end. I just used a mini usb phone charger and it’s charging and playing back at the same time. At least it’s showing its cahrging, not sure it’s actually happening. Which means that when plugged in via USB to a PC, the interface is tied up by Windows XP for transfer while charging. Can’t playback then.

Anyone else can confirm that? I will leave it that way for now and see what happens after few hours. I set it to shuffle and repeat all. Planning on using the Clip as a Music on hold device on my phone switch at work.

Thanks Miikerman, I was adding my comments at the same you were posting yours. So this is good news.