Charging: Playback Starts

I have been enjoying my Clip now for about a year and a half (firmware is current) but one niggly thing that I have wondered about is why when plugged in for charging, does the default behaviour seem to be to start playback. Presumably this slows charging? Also it remains audible if the headphones are not disconnected. So, I am in the habit of pausing playback after plugging in to charge. Is it supposed to work like this (or did I overlook something) and if so why?

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It comes on but… you can slide the power switch up and turn it off. At least mine will.

A few important points when charging your Clip!

If you shut down the Clip while in Play mode, the device will power up and resume playback when power is applied to the Clip.  Additionally, if you power the device up, using the ON switch, note that it will resume playback rather than holding paused.

To solve this issue, remember that the Clip will power up in the last mode of operation that it was in when powered down.  Simply pause the device before powering off.

On the other side of the coin, note that the Clip will not charge when powered off manually (shutting down while plugged in to the adaptor).  If you power it off when connected to the AC adaptor, it will simply be turned off, and will not charge.  This is because the processor if the Clip handles both battery management and audio playback.

The Clip will charge at the same rate regardless of any task you may ask of it.  Battery management is separate from other functions, and is automatic.


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Thanks for the explanation.

i have the problem of charging very takes around 23 has latest firmware.  what is the problem?

please reply in this mail id “

How are you trying to charge it?  USB or wall adapter? Front USB ports or back? Laptop or desktop? You need to supply more information if you want a response.

As well as posting in the correct board, so people who may be familiar with your player can respond.

According to your other identical posts in the Frequently Asked Questions & User Suggested Stickies board and Sansa Media Converter board, you have a Sansa Express.

This is the Clip board. There are different boards for different players and topics. I’d suggest posting in the Sansa Express board, if you’re genuinely interested in getting the best advice & help for your problem. :wink: