New pc can't find sansa clip 1GB

I am so tired and fed up to find a solution everywhere, I hope somone here could help…

I have a sansa clip 1Gb for a few month ( 01.01.11F), did work quite well, except some trouble to charge the battery sometimes but I tought it was because of former (very slow) pc ( windows xp)

I’ve buy a new pc last week ( vista), I’ve tried to plug my sansa but it appears nowhere…so I’ve search the web and tried to put it in MSC mode ( and now I don’t know how to come back in MTP, but maybe it is not important ?)…so I’ve tried to plug it on the "old"pc…which said that my “perrpherique” doesn’t work well.

So I’ve tried to download sansaupdater…nothing happened…I don’t know what to do now? I am quite ill at ease with all technologic stuff, specially in english…

Someone can suggest something ? would have my eternal gratitude !

It sounds like your Clip is not getting enough power from your USB port.  Try plugging the Clip into the back USB port near the power supply.  Once it is recognized, then the Sansa Firmware Updater will be able to update your device to the latest firmware.

You may want to try a powered (plug in) USB hub if all else fails.

You are a genious !

so many thanks to you !!!:smiley: