New Icon on Fuze Screen

Over the weekend I downloaded a playlist from Rhapsody and now just to the left of the battery indicator there is a new icon. It looks somewhat like a disk of some sort. Does anyone know what this might be?

That is your Rhapsody subscription icon. It changes color gradually as you get closer to the expiration date and need to connect for authorizations. If you go to settings/system settings/account it will tell you how many days are left before your subscription tracks need renewal/reauthorizing.

When you connect to Rhapsody to download subscription tracks. the small little “disk” is like a stop light telling you when you have to reconnect to Rhapsody to renew the track license.

All “Rhapsody To Go” subscription tracks have an expiration date of 30 days from download.  If you do not “renew” the license by connecting the Fuze up to Rhapsody within that thirty day period, the track will expire and you will be unable to play it.

Note this is ONLY for Rhapsody To Go “subscription” tracks for which you get “unlimited” downloads for 14.95.  If you actually “purchase” a track or album from Rhapsody it is a DRM free MP3 file that does not expire.

Thanks For the Help!!!