New Go List Feature -- FW 1.01.20

After loading up the new firmware 1.01.20, I was looking forward to the new Go List feature of being able to add to the list on the fly. I successfully added three songs to a clean Go List – say songs 1, 2 & 3 (brilliant, huh?). I navigated to the Go List screen, confirmed that they were all there on the list and started playing the list at song 1. So far, so good.

While the songs from my Go List were playing, I went back to the Artists section and went through the center button press-and-hold process of adding three more songs to my Go List (you guessed it – songs 4, 5 & 6). After each press-and-hold I got a message confirming that the song was added to the list. Sounds, good, right?

Then I navigated back to the Go List and saw that songs 4, 5 & 6 were listed on the Go List. But, when the screen reverted back to the currently playing song (song 2), it showed up as song 2/3 – song 2 of 3. Strange! I clicked >> and the next song showed up as song 3/3. I clicked >> again at went back to 1/3, the beginning of the list. I clicked >> again until I was at song 3/3 and let it play through. At the end of the song, the Clip went to song 1/3 and paused, as if it reached the end of the list. Songs 4, 5 & 6, which were added to the Go List after I started playing the first song on the Go List, were listed on the Go List screen, but they weren’t playing.

Only if I went back to the Go List screen that lists all the songs on the list, could I begin playing the list at any song on the list and it would then show and play all 6 songs.

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That’s not a bug it just doesn’t refresh automatically!  No big deal!  They’ll probably fix it with the next FW update.

chris1207 wrote:
That’s not a bug it just doesn’t refresh automatically!  No big deal!  They’ll probably fix it with the next FW update.


The Go List itself is double buffered from the Currently playing music list.  If you make changes to the Go list while its playing, you need to reload the list for the changes to be copied to the current playlist.

“That’s not a bug it just doesn’t refresh automatically!” If I create a spreadsheet program that allows you to calculate the sum of two cells in a thrid cell, but if you change the number in one of the two cells, it doesn’t refresh the third cell automatically (say you have to press Ctrl-R to recalculate), you wouldn’t call that a bug?

The reason I call it a bug is because it’s a feature that doesn’t perform as expected. The idea of being able to create a Go List on the fly is so you can add new songs to the end of the Playlist while the Playlist is currently playing. Analogous to adding your selections in a juke box while the juke box is playing someone else’s songs. Your selections play right after the first person’s selections finish. I would expect any songs I add to the Go List to play right after previously-selected songs are played.

Perhaps it’s not a bug, just an undocumented feature. :smileyvery-happy:

But, like you said, in the overall scheme of things, no big deal. I don’t mean to get confrontational. It’s just that I have no life and have nothing better to do. :smileyvery-happy:

Edit: Sansafix posted his reply while I was typing this out. OK, so I’m wrong. Again! What else is new? :wink:

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Its a valid idea to have the currently playing list update if it’s the go list and its been modified.  We just didnt want to add any more risk or time to the changes we were making for this release.  Also, forum members havent complained (yet)  that the Go List is not available to be downloaded to the computer.  We wanted to get this feature as well,  but we did not have enough RAM…  Its a feature for the next generation :wink:

Anyway good suggestions and we will consider what is doable for the next release.  Don’t expect another release for several weeks at this point.