New Fuze owner here - HELP!


I recently bought a Sansa Fuze a few days ago. I want to buy a Micro SD card, but want to know something. If I wanted to add video to the Micro SD card, could I do it with the Sansa Media Converter?

Bump. Come on guys I REALLY need the answer to this.

Yep. When you have SMC open and a card is in the Fuze, there is a pic of both on the right hand side. Click on the one you want to add to and convert.

Correction…pics are on the left.


16 minutes?

C’mon. Look around. There are posts still from Christmas Day (2 days ago) that haven’t been responded to yet.


In answer to your question though, yes.

Getting the videos to work? That’s a whole other can o’ worms! :smileyvery-happy: