Memory Card with Fuze..............

Why the hell doesn’t my Fuze read my micro memory card? …I never had this problem with the e250! ugghhhh! :angry:

      -When I insert the memorycard into the Fuze, the refreshing screen appears, but the device NEVER fully refreshes!

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What kind of memory card are you using?  Some cards don’t work well.

Did you use it before? 

Did you format it?

Was it used on something else before the Fuze?  Like a cell phone?

well yes, I usually only use the memory card for my cell phone data and itz a Sandisk 1gb micro memory card. Obviously im not gonna format the memorycard and erase my documents because I want to see me data from my phone on my Fuze, such as; pix, videoz, music, etc… But like I said i previously had the E250 before the Fuze and I didnt have this problem. All my data from my phone would come up in my player. I am upset about the lil bugz such as this one, that the Fuze has.

Not sure what "documents’ you have on your card from your phone. 

If it’s photos, they won’t come over without converting them first. Same with movies.  SMC has to be used for the Fuze to reconize them.  There may be one or two that can get through, but mostly they won’t.

 Music I’m not sure.  I just put it on my Fuze or my Phone, haven’t tried switching cards.

I usually drag and drop photo’s that are jpeg’s an else I open them in paint, and save it as an jpeg.

Not much converting here!

It recognises the photo’s even when I drop in auto. detection   (witch I usually do of course)


The only issue with photos is a size limit.  Not sure if it’s a resolution or file size limit, but high quality jpgs usually won’t display.  Once you resize them to something reasonable for the Fuze’s small display, they will work.  I generally resize everything to 200x200.

SMC would do this for you as well, but it’s not required.  It is required for video, though.