New Clip+ Question

Hi All,

  I haven’t posted in a while but I’ve been happily clipping along with my fleet of clips and clip+s

without any problems.

  My sister sent me one of the newer White Clip+ devices to set up for her and I realized that I’ve gotten

unfamiliar with some of the settings and requirements.

  I wanted to transfer a book from an SD card in my Clip+ to her new device.  When I inserted the

card the PC reads it as MSC.  It does not have that setting in my clip+.  For books of various

kinds I’ve always been happier with auto detect and that is what both devices are set on.  Tell

me why does it say the card is MSC in new device but not so in my dlip+.


Donna in AR

A few questions to ask you – have you updated her clip+?  How do you usually transfer the books into the player?  By drag-and-drop or by syncing?  Can you transfer anything to the card?

The new clip+ has 1.02.15a firmware and I believe that is the latest so no update required.

I usually transfer books - rips, Overdrive, Audible - by dragging and dropping.  I’m particularly

interested in why this machine should show the card as MSC because when I move this

card to any of my four Clip+ devices all the books show and will play. 

So far and I’ve tried twice no books are visible from this card on the new device.


After reading your questions I decided to try some experiments.  I transferred the card that is

showing MSC to another of my Clip+ and it came up MSC there also with nothing visible but

it does not read that way on the Clip+ it was in.

I had another card of a different brand stored and I pulled it out trying it on two of my machines

and on the new clip +.  It reads well on all tried.  Go figure!