new clip feature- "Add to now playing"

Some of the Creative players have this, and it’s a great feature… Scenario:

You select an album to play, and then you want to select an album to follow the one you’re listening to… The ability to select “Add this to current playlist/now playing” would be a handy feature… So you can just accumulate a list of albums, in order, that you’d like to play without having to wait to select a second one after the first one is done playing. 

Hopefully this makes sense- Sandisk developers- this was a feature in the M200 series when I owned it, I believe… Please make it happen with the Clip!!


First of all, props to SanDisk for the Clip.  I LOVE this thing.  Way to stick it to The Man (Crapple’s !pod $huffle).  Also, much thanks to the firmware programmers for adding MSC mode as a menu option in the latest firmware update.  It’s nice to not have to hold down that button while pluging it in now, even though that wasn’t even a big issue.

I would really like to second jeffrok’s suggestion.  It’d be a lot cooler to be able to build up the GoList without having to actually be playing the song when adding it.  I’ll even go so far as to suggest where to put the option.  I think it’d work really smoothly like so:

  1. You’re listening to “suchandsuch.mp3.”
  2. You navigate to the music list while still listening.
  3. Upon placing the selector bar over “songiwannahearnext.mp3,” pressing the “select” button and the “next track” button do the same thing (play the song).  How about instead make the “next track” button add it to the GoList?

I know I should make another thread for another suggestion, but I’d like to throw this one in too: browsing by file/folder (non-ID3).  As it happens, I only bought the Clip because I couldn’t find a cheap player I liked that does this.  While I am totally happy about the purchase, browsing by filename would make this thing *perfect* in just about every way.  This would be a good feature to advertise also as there are many out there who would buy this player for that feature alone.